Mach-V9106 Series 360-Inline CNC CMM


The MACH-3A and MACH-V maximize machining operations by performing in-line or near-line, high speed coordinate measuring in conjunction with your CNC machine tools. These high throughput machines can be incorporated right into the manufacturing line and can provide pre/post machining feedback to your machine tool for machining adjustments.

Model MACH V9106
Order No. 360-226A
Type Horizontal Arm
High Speed, In-line
Image MACH-V.jpg
Range X-35.43″ (900mm)

Y-39.36″ (1000mm)

Z-23.62″ (600mm)

Resolution 0.0000039″ (0.0001mm)
Guide Method Mechanical bearing on each axis
Maximum Drive Speed 3D
Maximum Acceleration 3D
34.09”/s (866mm/s)
0.88g (8660mm/s2)
Work Table Material-Steel

35.63″ x 41.54″
(905mm x 1055mm)

Tappered Insert-M8x1.25mm

Workpiece Height-31.49″(800mm)


Mass (including stand and controller) 9,105lbs4130kg
Dimension 58.14×115.85×114.17in 1447x2942x2900mm
ISO ISO-10360-2:2009 E0,MPE

19-21°C (66.2-69.8°F) (2.5+3.5L/1000)μm
18-22°C (64.4-71.6°F) (2.7+3.8L/1000)μm

TP7/SP25: 15-25°C (59.0-77.0°F) (2.9+4.3L/1000)μm
5-35°C (41.0-95.0°F) (3.6+5.8L/1000)μm

SP25: 4.0μm/40sec

ISO-10360-5: 2010 PFTU,MPE
TP7: 2.2μm
SP25: 2.2μm