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Prosper Machine Tool has over 75 combined years of experience in the machine tool industry. We have worked with almost every line of equipment that is reputable. We’ve narrowed down the best from those years of experience so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality and best support available in the U.S.



POWER-TECH specializes in the manufacture of laser cutting systems which use the latest technology. We manufacture EAGLE brand fiber laser cutting systems – the most innovative and reliable systems available today.
Let’s talk about your production requirements and we’ll help you select the right EAGLE series of machine tools to meet your needs.

As an original fiber laser innovator, we were one of the first to develop and sell full fiber laser sheet cutting systems, and our innovative spirit lives on today.
We were the first in the world to launch a 6kW laser cutting system, and today we sell systems up to 15kW.


For 44 years FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. has been manufacturing CNC milling and boring machines for the mechanical and die & mould fields. Since its establishment in 1969, FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. has greatly increased and significantly consolidated its presence on the domestic and International market, confirming its brand name as a synonym of technology, accuracy and reliability. The constant growth of the company affirms the validity of the adopted manufacturing and commercial strategies.

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Fuji Machine America headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois provides sales and support to our North American customers for robot integrated machine tools. As a leader in offering automated machines, Fuji has remained committed to creating, developing, and manufacturing equipment that provides reliable solutions for their customers to succeed and be productive.

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For the GROB GROUP, our customers and their products – the workpieces, are of utmost importance to us. GROB is always in close contact with our customers to understand all their strategic issues which allows us to optimize the support and implementation of the production systems. Through decades of experience, high machine quality, reliability in our design and on time delivery we have been able to guarantee our GROB customers optimal technical support in all areas of the production system business and universal machines. As a family-run company, GROB has proved its competence in advanced technology all over the world for generations.

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Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc. (HMA) was established in 1993 to support the sales efforts in the North American and South American markets. In order to address the needs of each market and of the customers in the region, we have built a nation-wide as well as local support operations to best serve the unique production requirements from the local clients. Chicago is now the home of Hwacheon Machinery America.

Based in Vernon Hills, IL, we provide technical support and services directly, and through our distributor organization. Effective May 1, 1997, HMA has relocated itself to a larger facility that houses a tech center, a showroom, a spare parts storage, and the engineering support center. Hwacheon is committed to your success-it’s committed to delivering to you nothing less than the best quality products and the quality services you deserve.

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Index Traub

With its INDEX and TRAUB brands, the INDEX Group is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines. The Esslingen group of companies is present around the world with five production sites, five international sales and service companies as well as 80 representative offices.

Progress has a long tradition

INDEX-Werke were set up in 1914 by Hermann Hahn who began that year with the production of automatic turret turning machines. He was a Swabian entrepreneur through and through who laid the foundation for an impressive development with creative ideas and an aspiration for quality. Within four decades, more than 20,000 turning machines had been sold and these formed the basis for the excellent reputation of INDEX around the world. In 1975, INDEX began with the production of multi-spindle turning machines. A few years later, the company entered the market for CNC technology. And INDEX soon assumed a pioneering role here. After the death of Eugen Hahn, the son of the company’s founder, 85% of the company shares were put into a foundation. In 1992, INDEX presented a new generation of turn-mill centers based on a modular component system. In 1997, TRAUB Drehmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG from neighboring Reichenbach/Fils was taken over and integrated into the INDEX Group. The company pursues a two-brand strategy to this very day.

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Ingersoll Rand Machine Tools

Ingersoll is a global leader in the development of advanced machine tools for the world’s aerospace, transportation, energy, and other heavy industries. Products range from general purpose machines that bring greater flexibility and productive to a wide variety of parts, to special purpose, one-of-a-kind machines delivering unique solutions. For the aerospace industry, Ingersoll excels in building machines to produce component parts and large structures made of aluminum, hard metals and composite materials.

In addition, Ingersoll provides a unique contract manufacturing resource for prototype machining and production runs, from small engine parts to locomotive diesel blocks and windmill hubs.

For more than a century, Ingersoll has led in the continuous improvement of machines and processes that enable customers around the world to meet the challenge for more efficient production, higher quality, and ultimately, greater competitive advantage.

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Nomura Swiss

All types of Nomura CNC Automatic Lathes use a headstock which moves during fabrication. These are often referred to as Swiss-Type Precision Automatic Lathes.

The main spindle tip grips the workpiece with a collet chuck, and the headstock moves axially, receiving the guide bushing located in the center of the tool post. Lathe cutting occurs at this orifice. This process avoids creation of vibration or deformation, allowing consistent, high-precision manufacturing.

As most of our products use our company’s own original tool presetter system, the user’s tooling changeovers are quick, contributing to increased production efficiency.

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Since 1976, Sodick has manufactured over 55,000 EDM machines and over 30,000 linear motor driven EDMs. Our machines are used for the production of dies, molds and other various applications which cannot be produced by standard machining methods.

Sodick EDMs enable the user to become the envy of their competition. Our commitment to the highest quality standards does not stop at sales but applies equally to providing advice and support for applications, training, parts and service.

Our North American headquarters is located in Schaumburg, IL, conveniently located 20 minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The headquarters houses a $5 million parts and consumables inventory that ensures consumable and replacement parts are readily available. Experienced engineers handle customer support and all support calls are documented and entered into a CRM database, resulting in the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

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Looking for quality equipment for tool grinding or tool resharpening?

Our professional approach is to service centers on building trust with our customers and is the base for a durable, long-term relationship.

Our goals are based on three key points:

Competence – meet with the necessary knowledge and readiness to make decisions.

Available – in theory and practice, care and respect for clients and their employees.

Reliable – always follow through on what was promised.


We offer a full service team that handles warranty work, installations, as well as any repairs needed.

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We love what we do.  It is our goal to make American manufacturing successful. We will find a way to say YES!

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