Where have I seen these machines before?

Maybe some of these clips will jog your memory!

Studio System™ – An end-to end solution

The Studio System™ is the first to deliver office-friendly metal 3D printing. It leverages Bound Metal Deposition™ technology and it is the only way to print complex metal parts in-house.

G750 Aluminum structural part / Aluminium Strukturbauteil

Production of an aluminum structural part from the aerospace sector with a maximum motor spindle speed of 30,000 rpm on a 5-axis universal machining center G750.

Hi-TECH 450

Hwacheon’s Hi-TECH series is designed for heavy duty cutting and therefore built with box guide ways and gear spindles. The Hi-TECH 450 has a cutting diameter up to 500 mm and is available with a turning length of 760 mm (standard) and 1.327 mm (long bed version). Read more about the Hi-TECH 450 on our website at https://www.hwacheon-europe.com/node/42.

Blisk machining on a G350 – Generation 2

Quick and high-quality blisk machining on our highly dynamic rotary table.

Das innovative Dreh-Fräszentrum INDEX G420

More information: https://www.index-werke.de/de/produkte/dreh-fraeszentren/index-g420/

OKK HMC-400 Cutting Demo

In this demo, the HMC-400 shows the standard 37kw (50HP) peak spindle and how it allows for incredibly fast tapping and spindle start up.

FPT Industrie S.p.A. – EXTRACAL

EXTRACAL – Scientific Instruments by FPT Research Department.

Desktop Metal Production System

Nomura NN-10EX


FUJI Smart Wing

INDEX R200 – Turbine blade

Multi-Purpose sFAB-D