Where have I seen these machines before?

Maybe some of these clips will jog your memory!

Studio System™ – An end-to end solution

The Studio System™ is the first to deliver office-friendly metal 3D printing. It leverages Bound Metal Deposition™ technology and it is the only way to print complex metal parts in-house.

Bridgeport XT630 5AX

The Bridgeport XT630 5AX 5-Axis CNC machining centers are designed for accuracy, speed and productivity. They are built to provide years of dependable machining

OKK HMC-400 Cutting Demo

In this demo, the HMC-400 shows the standard 37kw (50HP) peak spindle and how it allows for incredibly fast tapping and spindle start up.

FPT Industrie S.p.A. – EXTRACAL

EXTRACAL – Scientific Instruments by FPT Research Department.

Live Parts Growth Example

Overview of the Live Parts workflow for an advanced part that incorporates additional constraints in SOLIDWORKS.

Desktop Metal Production System

Hardinge TALENT Walk Around

Nomura NN-10EX

The New Quick Change Solution


FUJI Smart Wing

INDEX R200 – Turbine blade

Multi-Purpose sFAB-D