An AI-infused powerhouse that brings serious smarts to tight-tolerance machining.

When you’re dealing with tight-tolerance work—especially for mold- and die-making applications—your success always comes down to balancing a few key factors: accuracy, temperature management, and productivity. The SV12P is designed to give you all three at once without compromise. But it also goes several steps further.

This machine delivers the kind of ultra-fine, high-quality work you expect from a sinker EDM, but its ability to machine exotic materials makes it a versatile tool in all kinds of scenarios. Plus, its ergonomic, easy-to-access design and on-board AI and cloud-based monitoring systems make it easy to operate regardless of skill level.

That translates into all kinds of serious benefits for your business, from being more productive while using fewer resources—and spending less money—to creating top-tier work easily and consistently with less maintenance-related downtime.